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Regenerating and anti-ageing Marine Peeling for perfect skin. It's a 100% natural professional Peeling was designed to offer the skin a young and healthy look on the outside and inside. It starts a safe and effective cellular recovery reaction, ensuring maximum anti-inflammatory protection and PIH reduction in minimal time. It is safe and scientifically tested, promotes peeling, because marine silicates cause a natural rejuvenating effect without side effects. The Rose de mer controls the depth of scaling through various degrees of pressure. It prepares the skin for an optimum absorption of actives.

The manual massage stresses the skin, causes a micro-trauma, stimulating the blood flow, creating an intense sensation of heat, increase of circulation and oxygen, combined with antioxidant formulas, regenerates naturally the collagen and elastin fibers for a natural repair and peeling effect.

• Rejuvenates 
• Reduces wrinkles, expression lines and stretch marks 
• Improves texture, elasticity and tone.
• Treats acne and moderates sebum levels
• Improves blood circulation and oxygenation 
• Reduces hyperpigmentation and acne scars 
• Eliminate surface residues, including dead cells 
• Prepared for the skin to receive actives
• Reverse the damage of photosensitivity as well as solar and senile keratosis

• All types of skins
• All races 
• From 12 years old 
• Auxiliates in rejuvenating treatments, acnes, acne marks and scars, hyperpigmentation, photo-aging skin, sun damaged skin and senile keratosis

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